Our Mission and Core values

Page updated on: 12/02/2024

Developing Carmarthenshire Together: One Council; One Vision; One Voice


Our values are important to us, so they need to be important to you

They define who we are as an organisation and as an employer. Everything we do should be guided by our values. They set out who we are as people, what we stand for and how we act.

Our values take us forward and underpin how we will work today and in the future. They challenge us to think about what we can do differently and should prompt us to ask questions about what we can achieve together.

Our values are at the heart of everything we do. The help us make the right decision and shape how we work together.


Working as one team

We recognise that by working together and making constructive connections we can make the best use of our resources for our communities.

Act with Integrity

We will actively think about what is the right thing to do when presented with choices in a work situation.

Focus on our customers

We work to improve the lives of the people in our communities this is our focus and key purpose.

Strive for excellence

We will remain vigilant and ensure that we deliver to the best of our abilities and always explore ways to improve what we do.

Take personal responsibility

We will all consider how we support and apply these values so they actively underpin and guide the way we work.

Listen to improve

We will listen and engage with our communities, partners and all stakeholders to inform our improvement plans.