Your rights

Page updated on: 26/05/2018

If you are not happy with the way your application has been dealt with you can request a review based on certain decisions. These include:

  • If you disagree with the decision not to place you in a band or disagree with the band you have been placed in.
  • You feel that a decision has been reached based on incorrect information
  • You have been treated as ineligible on the basis of your immigration status
  • You have been treated as ineligible to join the register due to unacceptable behaviour
  • You have refused a reasonable offer of accommodation

You must request a review of a decision within 21 days of being notified in writing. You must give reasons why you wish to have the decision reviewed including where you believe an incorrect decision has been made. You have a right to attend the review and be accompanied by a representative. The review will be carried out by a senior officer of the Council who will not have been involved in making the original decision.

We will aim to complete the review and inform you  in writing of the decision within four weeks, after taking into account any additional information that has been provided. You will be advised of any extra time required to make the decision. You have the right to go to County Court, on ‘a point of law’ if you disagree with the review decision.

Make an appeal