Service Charges

Page updated on: 29/02/2024

All service charges we request from leaseholders are made in accordance with the lease.

Service charges are your share as a leaseholder of the costs for managing, repairing, maintaining and improving both communal areas and the external fabric and building structure, and the provision of buildings insurance cover and services to the property.

Examples of what we may charge for are listed below (this list is not exhaustive):

  • Day to day minor repairs and maintenance of the block
  • Administration costs
  • Communal electricity costs
  • Building insurance
  • Lift maintenance where applicable;
  • Major and cyclic work
  • Ground rent £10 per year (charged by Sundry Debtors)
  • External painting


  • Service Charges will be calculated by using accurate expenditure costs from the previous financial year. The cost of providing a Service will be evenly distributed between all leaseholders that have benefited from the provision of that particular service.
  • What we actual spend on services last year will make up the next/following years’ service charges.