Highways planning liaison

Page updated on: 25/04/2024

Highways planning liaison team will:

  • Assist with statutory pre-planning enquiries submitted via our planning department.
  • Where appropriate provide advice and recommendations to our planning department as a statutory consultee on the highways and transport implications of development proposals.
  • Where appropriate provide responses to statutory pre application consultations (PAC).

Highways planning will not be able to assist with:

  • Provide a design service
  • Make the final decision on planning applications, this is done by planning.
  • Deal with road adoptions
  • Deal with highways searches  
  • 20mph speed limit implementation (Safer Streets)   

You can contact the team by emailing: HWPlanningLiaison@carmarthenshire.gov.uk.

The Highways Design Guide was produced with a view to setting out its expectations for new development in the county. It provides guidance to developers and applicants  on preparing transport proposals and providing transport infrastructure and services to support new development. It also sets out the associated requirements during planning and construction. 

The Highways Design Guide serves to provide consistent information and to speed up the application process. As noted above, Highways Planning Liaison are not able to provide direct design input, as such it is recommended that applicants and/or their agents consult this document at the earliest opportunity to inform their proposals. 

This document is to assist:

  • Developers 
  • Applicants
  • Stakeholders

It will allow you to understand and apply all aspects of:

  • potential highways impacts 
  • highways design
  • the application of appropriate local and national policy guidance

The Design guide will provide clarity on the following:

  • visibility splays
  • car parking
  • garaging
  • single access
  • single access and lay-by
  • agricultural access
  • formation of an access
  • vehicle turntables
  • residential estate design

Please email any enquiries in relation to the design of developments to the PlanningHwb@carmarthenshire.gov.uk.

Highway Design Guide (.PDF)

Below are some examples of the considerations HPL will make when assessing development proposals:

  • Impact of the proposal on highway safety
  • Compliance with highway design guide
  • Compliance with local and national standards and policies
  • Existing and future capacity of the wider highway network
  • Compliance with the Active Travel Act
  • Accessibility of the site by all modes of transport 
  • Parking for non-motorised and motorised vehicles
  • Mitigation measures in relation to any impacts
  • Travel plans

For highways and transport related enquiries that do not involve a planning application please visit our Travel, Roads & Parking pages.

This policy sets out the expectations and requirements for surface water drainage systems related to new developments which are sited within the highway and are to be promoted for adoption by Carmarthenshire County Council or connected to existing highway drainage systems.

This document related to highway drainage has been drafted to supplement the Highway Design Guide.

The adopted approach supports the principles of designing and constructing sustainable urban drainage systems.


For an application form please email: HighwayDrainConnect@carmarthenshire.gov.uk