Local Development Order (LDO)

Page updated on: 31/08/2023

We have established a ‘Task Force’ with a view to overseeing the regeneration of town centres. A key issue that the Task Force has been seeking to address is the number of vacant retail units in the town centres. The potential contribution that a shift in planning policy could make to facilitating investment and helping in incentivising development is noted.

The LDO acknowledges a shifting role for the town centre to that of a destination and living environment as well as a retail centre. It seeks to introduce a permissive planning regime that would allow specified changes of use to take place without the applicant having to apply for planning permission.

We have LDO in the following town centres:

  • Ammanford
  • Carmarthen

In respect of the Llanelli Town Centre LDO which closed on 28/2/2022- those with Certificates of Conformity already in place prior to the closing date can apply for Commencement Notice Approvals in accordance with any conditions set out on their Certificates of Conformity.

It is a two staged process. Applicants must firstly attain a Certificate of Conformity and then a Commencement Notice Approval.

Irrespective of whether a Certificate of Conformity has been issued, proposals cannot commence until a Commencement Notice Approval is issued by us. Applicants are encouraged to contact us ahead of making any submissions.

The issuing of a Certificate of Conformity only confirms that the proposal complies with the planning aspects. Conditions relating to other regulations, e.g. building regulations, may be reserved and would need to be satisfied prior to the issuing of the Commencement Notice Approval.

All submissions will need to be made directly to us as these cannot be submitted via the Planning Portal or Planning Application Wales.

The application forms (editable pdf versions) are available to download. Please submit your completed application to: planningregistrations@carmarthenshire.gov.uk 

  • The fee to submit a Certificate of Conformity (CofC) application is £90.00.
  • There is no charge for a Commencement Notice Approval (CNA) application.

The correct fee must be submitted with your application otherwise it will not be validated and no work will be undertaken on processing or assessing your application.

To make your payment you will need to provide the following details:

  • Type of application e.g. planning application
  • Application reference number (or name and application location if you do not have a reference number yet)
  • The correct application fee (please contact us if you need clarification)

By Telephone

We accept Maestro, Solo or Visa debit cards. If you’d like to speak to a member of staff in the cashier's team - call 01267 228686 during office hours.

BACS Payment

Please email planningregistrations@carmarthenshire.gov.uk for further details.


Once we have received the required information, we will endeavour to issue a written decision whether to issue a Certificate of Conformity within 28 days. It is advised that ahead of submitting this application, interested parties liaise with Planning Services to scope out any potential issues and requirements.

A proposed change of use must commence within 3 years of issuing of a Certificate of Conformity. A Certificate of Conformity will include a requirement that the Commencement Notice Approval application is received within 2 years of the issue date.

No, however certain bodies will be notified of the proposal.

Every LDO application will appear on the weekly list.

Please note the attainment of the Certificate of Conformity does not mean you can commence your change of use.  Please refer to ‘How to apply’.