Myths & tips

Page updated on: 19/01/2023

Real Nappies are inconvenient

Disposables are very convenient, especially for day trips and holidays – which is what they were originally designed for.

However, real nappies are becoming easier to use and only amount to two extra 60c wash loads per week. For some Real Nappies no additional time is needed to change the baby.

If using real nappies you also do not have to go to the shops every time you run out, and carry them home.

Real Nappies Leak

Real Nappies should not leak. If they do then there is a problem that can easily be rectified by asking a few simple questions:

  • Did you pre wash the nappies? The more they are washed the more absorbent they’ll become.
  • Are they in the correct size? Make sure your baby has the correct size nappy to suit him/her.
  • What is the shape of the baby? e.g. a baby could be 8lbs in weight but if it is tall and skinny then the nappy may not fit – the best advice would be to wait until the baby gains a few extra pounds, or if the baby is 8lb but is shorter and has chubby legs they may need the next size up.
  • How often do you change the nappies? Less than every 4 hours – maybe more frequent changing could help. Regularly changed but a heavy wetter – try booster pads, or a nappy made from bamboo which is more absorbent. If it is the night nappy that is leaking – use extra padding such as booster pads. Real nappies can last overnight for 12 hours if suitably padded.
  • Is the nappy showing outside the waterproof cover? Make sure everything is fitted neatly inside the waterproof cover.
  • Finally, if everything else seems okay is the waterproof cover made of a cotton blend? Cotton is naturally absorbent any wetness may be drawn to the cover - a different waterproof cover may help.

Real Nappies cause nappy rash

The type of nappy you use does not influence frequency of nappy rash. Urine is sterile therefore does not cause nappy rash, faeces however are not.

To prevent nappy rash a baby should be changed frequently (around 5-8 changes per day) and if the baby has had a bowel motion it should be changed immediately.

Although Real Nappies do not cause nappy rash, if a baby does develop a rash then the best advice would be to leave the nappy off and allow the skin to breathe.

Alternatively we would recommend a barrier cream to prevent the wetness from irritating the skin further. You could also use a fleece liner, or pocket nappy that will lock wetness away from the babies’ skin.

Real Nappies are too bulky

Some Real Nappies are more bulky than disposables; however this is not a negative thing as it keeps the babies hips apart at the right angle. For babies who are toddling the extra padding can help protect their coccyx.

Real Nappies can't be used at night

There is no reason why Real Nappies cannot be used at night. Fabrics such as bamboo are 60% more absorbent than cotton. If you find that your nappy leaks because it is over wet then you can simply add more padding with the aid of booster pads.