Help leaving hospital

Page updated on: 06/09/2023

When you are ready to leave hospital you may need some additional help. Many people leaving hospital get help from their family and friends, but if you cannot make these arrangements yourself then we will look at ways of arranging services for you. You can talk to the ward staff who are looking after you and they may ask a social worker to come and assess your needs. The social worker will work with you or your family or carers so you can leave hospital safely.

Support at home

You may need support for a short-period, whilst getting back on your feet and continue to live at home.  We can provide you with a Reablement Service which helps you regain your independence.  This service can last up to six weeks.  The Reablement team will help you gain confidence to be able to do tasks for yourself, they will do this by helping you develop techniques so that you can manage at home by yourself. Personal alarms and monitors may also give reassurance to you and your family.

Residential reablement

Depending on health needs, you may need to consider a convalescence bed unit. This service offers the opportunity to gradually recover health and strength after surgery or illness in a supported environment. The aim of the convalescence unit is to encourage and enable you to maintain independence, to gain confidence and progress with recovery, in preparation for a return home or other long term care arrangements.

The unit provides support for up to six weeks within a care home setting, to older people clinically discharged from acute care but requiring additional recovery time and completion of assessment to establish the appropriate discharge arrangements that will suit their individual needs.