Gambling licences

Page updated on: 14/08/2023

The Gambling Act regulates all gambling in Great Britain, apart from the National Lottery and spread betting. As the licensing authority we issue premises licences, permits and notices.

The Act has three main objectives and it is our duty, as the Licensing Authority that grants licences, to ensure they are met. In brief the objectives are:

  • Preventing gambling from being a source, associated with or used to support crime or disorder
  • Ensuring that gambling is conducted in a fair and open way
  • Protecting children and other vulnerable persons from harm or exploitation by gambling

We must aim to permit the use of premises for gambling in so far as we believe it is:

  • in accordance with any relevant codes of practice;
  • in accordance with any relevant Guidance issued by the Gambling Commission;
  • reasonably consistent with the Licensing Objectives; and in accordance with the Licensing Authority's Statement of Licensing Principles

Gambling act public register 

We hold a public register of all Premises Licences, Notifications, Registrations and permits issued under the Gambling Act 2005. The register can be inspected at our office, Mondays - Thursday: 8:45am - 5pm and Friday: 8:45am - 5pm. E-mail us to  make an appointment to view the register.

Gambling Act 2005. Revised Gambling Policy

Each licensing authority is required to revise, consult on and publish a Gambling Policy every three years to set out the proposed principles to apply in exercising its licensing functions under the Act.