Skip licence

Page updated on: 14/08/2023

If builders' skips need to be placed on the highway, road, pavement or verge, a permit is required. This is a requirement of the Highways Act 1980. We have the right to specify conditions relating to the position of any builders' skips. It is not the responsibility of the customer (or their contractor) to apply for this permit. It is the responsibility of the skip operator to ensure that the permit has been applied for and that is has been granted. Such permits are only issued to registered skip operators who have the required public liability insurance. If you require a skip, contact a skip operator who has the necessary consent.

You will need to complete the skip application form. You will receive an invoice for the fees.

You will need the following information:

  • Location of the skip
  • Proof of your public liability insurance which must be a minimum of £10 million
  • How long you require a licence
  • Provide evidence that you hold a waste carriers licence

Please allow 5 working days notice for skip application approval. Your completed application form can be submitted via email to

Download application form (.pdf)

The fee payable for applying for a skip licence is currently £62 per month or part thereof (valid until 31st March 2025). 

If your licence lapses you will be charged an out of date renewal fee of £177 per month or part thereof (valid until 31st March 2025).

All skip applications are invoiced to the skip contractor on a monthly basis. Please note that our licence fees are subject to review every April and licences submitted after April 1st will be subject to any new fees.

Permission is subject to conditions which may relate to:

  • The location of the skip
  • Size of the skip
  • Public liability, minimum cover of £10million
  • The applicant must hold a Waste Carrier’s Licence

Additional conditions may also apply to individual applications.

Download the full conditions of the licence (.pdf)