Building regulations

Page updated on: 01/05/2024

Building Regulations are national standards for Wales which apply to most types of buildings, whether in the home or a commercial development. They ensure that the environment in which we all live is a safe and healthy place. They also ensure that adequate access and facilities are provided for people with disabilities and include requirements for conservation of fuel and power.

Building control surveyors administer building regulations.  We are a highly qualified and experienced team of building control surveyors who examine and comment on plans for most building work and inspect the work that is in progress. Our wide knowledge of materials and building methods are available to you at all stages of the building process.

We also perform a number of other building-related functions including dealing with dangerous buildings, safety at sports grounds and demolitions. Before you start any building work you need to check if you need building regulations - your builder will usually do this for you, but as the owner of a building you will be held responsible.

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