Local lettings policy

Page updated on: 19/06/2023

Carmarthenshire’s Allocation Policy outlines how we shortlist applicants for our available homes. However, in some cases we have an additional ‘Local Letting Policy’ (LLP) in place. The use of Local Letting Policies are restricted and can only be used where there is specific letting requirements.  

Local Letting policies across Carmarthenshire are currently under a review, therefore not all are published online, but we are working towards this. An example of Local letting Policy restrictions/additional requirements are as follows.

Ty Stepni Local lettings policy

As part of our local lettings policy, we would be delighted to consider you for Tŷ Stepni if you are 18 or over and meet the following criteria:

  • Households where at least one member is in full time work or on a retirement income
  • Households who can afford the rental without the need to claim housing benefit
  • People who are working in the town centre
  • People who are setting up a business in Llanelli

Your household can be:

  • a couple
  • 2 people sharing
  • a couple & 1 person sharing
  • a couple & 1 child
  • a single person who needs an additional bedroom for a child of the family, who may or may not live with you permanently