Tree Work

Page updated on: 13/07/2023

Carmarthenshire County Council does not carry out tree work to assist you with:

  • Large or tall trees – we do not prune or fell trees just because they are large, tall or move naturally in the wind.
  • Trees blocking light and general pruning.
  • Fallen leaves, seeds, pollen, nuts or fruit.
  • Neighbouring trees overhanging into your garden (unless dangerous or damaging your property).
  • Poor TV reception.
  • Blocked guttering.
  • Bird mess.
  • Insect activity/sap.
  • Removal of garden waste.


Carmarthenshire County Council will offer assistance to you if:

  • The tree is Dead, Dying or Dangerous.
  • The tree is causing direct damage, or in physical contact with a property. For example, branches are in contact with the roof, or there is damage to a structure from physical contact with trunk, crown or roots.


Additional Information:

Overhanging Branches

If branches from a neighbour’s tree are overhanging your property, you can cut them back yourself, unless the tree is protected by a Tree Preservation Order or is in a conservation area.

You may prune the branches back to the boundary of your property but no further. The work must be done from your own property. You must dispose of any cuttings yourself, do not leave them on Council land.

Please also check that the tree is not subject to a Tree Preservation Order or located with a Conservation Area, prior to undertaking any tree work.
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