Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS)

Page updated on: 18/01/2022

One of the key aims of the Welsh Government is to make sure that all social landlords ensure that their tenants live in good quality homes, in safe and secure communities.

The Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS) is a standard for the quality and condition of properties The WHQS requires all social housing to be:

  • In a good state of repair
  • Safe and secure
  • Adequately heated, fuel efficient and well insulated
  • Equipped with up to date kitchens and bathrooms
  • Located in safe and attractive environments
  • Well managed

Carmarthenshire, through working with its tenants, further developed the WHQS into the Carmarthenshire Homes Standard and completed this in 2015. We are now working with tenants to maintain and further improve the standard to meet future needs.

In order to help us achieve this, Carmarthenshire Council receives Major Repairs Allowance ( MRA) grant  from Welsh Government. In 2021-2022, Carmarthenshire Council will receive £6,225,000.