Business waste

All businesses have a duty to keep their waste safe and to dispose or recycle it using a licensed waste contractor. We provide a commercial waste collection and disposal scheme, as do many private contractors.

You will need to complete a business waste collection contract before we start collecting your waste. Your contract will be automatically renewed each year and you will be notified in advance of any changes in charges.

Bin Cost per lift* Charity rate**
360 Litre £29 £6.50
660 Litre £35 £8.00
1100 Litre £47 £9.00

For smaller quantities of waste or where there is no access for wheeled bins, a purple sack scheme is available. The sacks are sold at the council cash desks. (Sack collections are not suitable for food outlets, licensed premises, hospitals, surgeries or veterinary surgeries).

Trade Sacks Cost per roll* Charity rate **
Roll of 50 £250 £45

* All prices exclude VAT
** Charity rate: We offer a discounted charge for charitable businesses that operate a shop which accepts and then re-sells household clothing/goods from Carmarthenshire residents, at the same location. To discuss your businesses eligibility for this discounted rate please contact our Waste Services Office.

Collection days

There is a separate collection for business bulky waste. The service currently costs £232 up to 10 items.

Please contact our finance department telephone number on the back of the invoice for any queries about invoice or charges.

Private contractors may also offer recycling services, which are not currently provided by the council. We do not provide clinical or hygiene waste collection for commercial customers.

Page updated on: 12/11/2018