FAQs - Recycling and waste

Page updated on: 18/03/2021

The following FAQs should answer any queries that you may have about recycling, bins and litter. Get in touch via the "Ask a question" tab if there is anything you need additional information about.

Garden waste

All garden waste must be placed loose inside the bin (please do not use any bags). Any waste placed outside of the bin will NOT be collected.

Yes, put it in:

  • Hedge, tree & shrub cuttings; roots, grass cuttings & rakings; leaves; plants, flowers & weeds.

No, leave it out:

  • Plastic bags, pots & trays; brick, rubble, soil & stone; fences, sheds & posts; food waste including peelings; tree stumps & branches over 4ins (10cm) diameter; animal bedding, litter & faeces; invasive weeds such as Japanese knotweed, giant hogweed & Himalayan balsam.

Your bin will NOT be emptied if it contains items that are not allowed. Regular contamination will be investigated and if it continues the service may cease.

Please do not overfill or compact the waste within the bin. If it is too heavy for our lorry to lift it will NOT be emptied.

Have a look on the A-Z of recycling to see a full list of what goes in your garden waste bin.

Our garden waste service runs from March to November.

This is a chargeable service. If you pay in full when you apply you will receive a 15% discount so you will pay £45.00 for the season. You can also choose to pay by direct debit with the last payment being taken on 1st September, this will cost a total of £52.43

We will email or write to you before your subscription is due for renewal.

Your garden waste will be collected fortnightly between March and November.

We will notify you of your collection day when you sign up. Collections will be made fortnightly. Remember there may be changes to collection days on or after bank holidays.

The garden waste bin must be placed at the same location that your rubbish/recycling is collected from.

You will be provided with a 240 litre wheelie bin, which will hold the equivalent of approximately six standard size refuse bags. However, please remember you must put your garden waste loose into the bin.

All subscriptions will run annually with collections taking place between March and November. You will pay the full cost whatever point in the year you subscribe to the service or even if you only need a few collections.

We will NOT be able to offer any refunds. If you wish to cancel your subscription please let us know and we will terminate the service with immediate effect.

If you move within the county you can take your bin with you to your new address. Please let us know at least 10 working days before you are due to move so that we can make sure your bin gets emptied at your new address. If you move outside the county please contact us so that we can make arrangements to have your bin returned.

The collection of garden waste is not a statutory service. The charge covers the hire of the bin and the costs of making the fortnightly collections. This is also fairer for residents who do not have a garden, who choose to compost at home, or who do not want to use the service.

Your service will start with the delivery of your bin which we aim to deliver within 10 working days of receiving your payment. However, this may not be possible in busy periods, such as the start of the new subscription year due to high demand.

In order to maintain a cost effective service it has been decided not to provide the service during the winter months when little or no garden waste is generated.

Garden waste can be home composted or taken to one of our household waste recycling centres. Compost bins can be purchased from us for £12 including delivery.

Perhaps you could join forces with a neighbour who has more space to keep the wheeled bin. By doing this, you will still benefit from the service and save money by sharing the cost.

If you do not think you will be able to a handle a 240 litre wheeled bin please email ENVGardenWaste@carmarthenshire.gov.uk so we can advise you of other options.

Some properties may not be suitable for this service due to restricted access for our collection vehicles. We reserve the right to decide whether or not we can provide the garden waste collection service.

Yes, provided it is practicable to do so. Please fill in the application form online. We will visit your property first to carry out some checks before we can offer you the service. You will be emailed with a decision within 10 working days.

No, only garden waste within the bin will be collected.

Yes, as long as you pay the annual charge for the collection service for each bin you can have as many bins as you like.

If payment is not received, collections will be suspended and the bin will be removed.

Yes, but we will need to make an assessment of the access to your property first.  To apply for this service, you will need to call 01267 234567, we will ask some questions about your property and proposed collection point.

Once we receive your request it will be assessed by our team and a decision will be made on whether we can offer this service to you. We only need to assess your property once.  If you apply for any additional waste collections, we will collect from the same point.

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