FAQs - Recycling and waste

Page updated on: 19/06/2020

Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Visits to the recycling centre are by appointment only to dispose of any household waste. You can make an appointment at any time and choose a slot that’s convenient to you for the following 14 days.

Please place your bags out the evening before. Our collection times may vary and may be earlier than normal. We will be unable to undertake any missed bin collections at this time. Remember, please do not discard tissues in your blue recycling bags.

Please continue to visit our Newsroom for the latest information. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

The following FAQs should answer any queries that you may have about recycling, bins and litter. Get in touch via the "Ask a question" tab if there is anything you need additional information about.

Food waste

In a county of over 90,000 households, everyone’s food waste mounts up – the smallest amount will have an impact. It’s up to you what that impact is!

If you put your food waste into your black bag it goes to landfill. As food waste rots in landfill it gives off the greenhouse gas methane which is responsible for climate change.

By using your green food bin we will collect it and our facilities will turn it into ‘Merlin’s Magic Compost’. In this process the harmful methane gases aren’t created.

Putting your food waste into your green food bin also stops animals from tearing open your black bags.

Food bin liners are delivered to all households between October - March.

Food scraps, vegetable peelings, meat and fish including bones, seafood shells, waste pet food, egg shells, tea bags and coffee grounds can go in your brown caddy / green food bin. Have a look on the A-Z of recycling to see a full list of what goes in your green food bin.

We will provide you with a brown caddy to put in your kitchen and a green bin, to put out for weekly collection.  We also supply food liners to make it easier for you to recycle all of your food waste.

Complete our online form to request a new brown caddy / green food bin.

Request a brown caddy / green food bin