Dog fouling

Page updated on: 01/05/2024

You must clean up after your dog in all public places in Carmarthenshire. Please dispose of your dog mess carefully. If out walking, please use the number of public litter bins throughout the county.

If possible, encourage your dog to use your garden (toilet training at puppy stage can help). You can buy specially designed ‘doggy loos’. This works just like a bin, half buried in your garden - except that you never need to empty it, as natural processes then break the contents down and disperse them harmlessly into the soil. Dog loos are available from a number of local pet stores and can also be ordered by phone or online from pet product suppliers.

If you do have to dispose of dog mess in your black bag make sure it is double-wrapped and mixed in with other types of waste.

Grab it, Bag it, Bin it!

  • Always keep a good supply of plastic bags near your dog’s lead (supermarket carrier bags make great poop scoops) so you don’t forget when you go out for a walk. Simply insert your hand in the plastic bag and pick up your dog’s waste.
  • Carefully turn the plastic bag inside out and your dog’s mess will then be ‘bagged’.
  • Dispose of your bag in a public litter bin.

If you see someone failing to clean up after their dog please report it to us as soon as possible.  

If you use social media, please take part in our Facebook and Twitter campaign - you could help us reach thousands of people! Post your message, photographs or videos using the hashtag #BagItBinIt. We will be keeping an eye out for your posts and sharing/Retweeting your photographs and videos – thank you for helping us raise awareness. 

Report dog fouling