Ability to learn

Page updated on: 27/09/2019

Children learn at different rates, and each individual is unique. We all have different strengths and weaknesses with learning. Some children will have a lot more difficulty than their friends when it comes to learning. If children are three years or more behind expected levels, after teachers have tried different ways of helping, this can be called Moderate Learning Difficulties (or M.L.D) or General Learning Difficulties (or G.L.D.).

Children with Moderate Learning Difficulties may have problems with:

  • Basic literacy skills
  • Basic numeracy skills
  • Understanding of new concepts
  • Listening / attention skills
  • Applying what they know to other situations

They will often have low self esteem, low levels of concentration and low motivation. They may refuse to try new work because they think they will fail before they start. They need support to access the curriculum.

How will my child's school help?

  • Differentiating tasks – making them simpler
  • Offering different ways of recording information, such as labelled pictures, diagrams or flow-charts
  • Multi-sensory activities
  • Breaking down learning into small steps
  • Helping children to organise their written work by using writing frames
  • Allowing extra time to complete tasks
  • Keeping instructions short and clear
  • Praising achievements

Some children will work with a teaching assistant – before, during or at the end of a lesson. Children should be encouraged to work independently whenever possible.

Parents and carers should speak to their child’s school initially if they have any questions about their child’s ability to learn.

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