Educational and Child Psychology

Page updated on: 27/09/2019

In the Educational and Child Psychology Service we use the psychology of how people learn, behave, think and feel to help support children and young people to reach their potential. We work mostly in schools but also in preschool settings, at home, in foster homes and in respite care settings. Sometimes we work with children and young people. At other times, we work with teachers and other adults on children’s behalf. We work together to help with issues that are causing problems or concerns. These can be about learning, behaviour, social interactions or emotional well-being.

In a consultation, with children, young people and adults working with them, we decide on a plan. This will have actions that should lead to a solution. We will set a time to review progress to see if the plan is working.

We also play a part in the multi-agency process of identifying significant special educational needs and recommending how they can best be met.

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