Speech, Language & Communication

Page updated on: 17/02/2021

The ability to communicate is an essential skill for all children and young people. Communication is vital for children:

  • to make friends
  • to be confident
  • to control their behaviour

Language skills are the basis of all learning, including learning to read, write, reason and problem solve.

How will my child's school help develop their language skills?

Schools follow a Pathway to support all children with developing effective Speech, Language and Communication skills so that they can access learning at an appropriate level and socialise. Schools can access help and support if a child or a group of children have more detailed needs.

In Carmarthenshire all children are screened when they enter school, to find out if they have any speech, language or communication needs. Carmarthenshire’s ChATT (Children’s Assessment Teaching Tool) programme is used to support children to develop their skills in speech, language and communication.

If a child has more severe or complex needs, school may refer to the Communication Forum, a multi-agency, specialist team. The Forum will advise school on the best support for the child. 

Carmarthenshire's Communication Support Service works closely with Speech and Language Therapy services from the Health Board. They develop packages of support together to help combat early signs of difficulties and support children with complex speech, language and communication difficulties.

Parents and carers should speak to their child’s school initially if they have any questions about their child’s speech, language and communication development. 

Advisory Teacher: Emma Griffiths, e-mail: EGriffiths@carmarthenshire.gov.uk

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