School Crossing Patrol

Page updated on: 17/12/2020

School crossing patrols help children and other pedestrians cross the road safely while they are walking to and from school at a designated point and between specified times.

Providing a patrol is not a statutory requirement and even where a patrol is provided, parents remain responsible for ensuring their children’s safety, just as they do when there is a zebra or a signalised crossing.

If you think there’s a particular location near the school, where the majority of children cross, which would benefit from a patrol please e-mail: providing the exact location.

We use the nationally agreed criteria from the Road Safety Great Britain School Crossing Patrol Guidelines when assessing the potential for a new school crossing patrol site. This includes a count of pedestrians and vehicles at school travel time and includes a review of collision data, traffic speed, infrastructure, signage & engagement with the school.

If the site is approved, we will only be able to provide a patrol once a suitable person has been recruited and trained to fill the post.

If the site does not meet the criteria for a Council funded patrol there can be the option for the school or wider school community to fund the patrol themselves, however, the service should still be managed by us.

When a school crossing patrol site becomes vacant, e.g. a patrol resigns, a site review is carried out using the same assessment for a potential new site. 

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