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Page updated on: 23/02/2022

We receive funding from Sport Wales to support schools in providing opportunities for children to take part in as much physical activity as possible, to help contribute to 60 minutes of activity a day at least 5 times a week.

We support primary schools through the ‘Play to Learn’ and ‘Dragon Multi-skills and Sport’ programmes, coordinate the ‘5x60’ programme at secondary school age and lead on the Young  Ambassadors programme to help young people lead and inspire others to be more active.

Explore & Learn

One of the earliest stages of the ‘sporting pathway’ is Explore and Learn, where children explore being physically active in a range of ways and begin learning the skills required to be successful.

For children in the Foundation Phase (aged 3-7) in schools across the county, we support school staff using the ‘Play to Learn’ resource to help improve children’s physical skills such as jumping, landing, throwing and catching, all ready for a life of activity ahead. The resource consists of story books, skill and play cards – aimed at getting children more active in a fun and exciting way.

As children develop, we support schools to deliver ‘Dragon Multi-skills’ – focused on developing agility, balance, coordination, confidence and decision making – and then ‘Dragon Sport’ where children transfer all those multi-skills and put them into practice in a specific Dragon Sport.

We focus on child-centred learning to match the needs, abilities and interest of the child. It’s very much about the child’s stage rather than age, with resources designed so that teachers, volunteers, pupils, parents and school staff could use it during lesson time, lunch time, before and after school.


At this stage, young people should have become equipped with a range of skills to participate in sports of their choice. Some may not have found a sport/activity they enjoy yet, but we aim to change that! Like its name, the ‘5x60’ programme aims to get as many young people taking part in at least 5 x 60 minute sessions of physical activity per week.

All secondary schools in Carmarthenshire benefit from an officer dedicated to timetabling fun, recreational, inclusive and informal activities before, during and after school with a particular emphasis on attracting young people that usually wouldn’t want to take part in physical activity. The type of activities are varied from school to school and would include things such as walking, frisbee, cheer leading, swimming, aerobics, street dance, boxercise, tennis, badminton, table tennis, surfing, mountain walking, orienteering and cycling.

Young Ambassadors

Young Ambassadors is a UK-wide initiative where young people are empowering their peers to become more active! The responsibilities of a Young Ambassador include getting more people more active more often, being a positive role model and promoting a healthy lifestyle, creating more opportunities for young people to participate in and to be a voice for all young people in their schools, sports clubs and communities.

Pupils in primary schools can become Bronze Young Ambassadors for their school, pupils in secondary schools and colleges can become Silver Young Ambassadors for their school or Gold Young Ambassadors for the county, and experienced Gold Young Ambassadors can progress to Platinum where they often take on a remit beyond the county, e.g. national steering group.

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