How we source our produce

Page updated on: 16/03/2018

Our meals are freshly prepared on site from predominately unprocessed ingredients using fresh food you can trust. We champion local food producers and source environmentally sustainable and ethical food. Our aim is to make healthy eating easier.

We continuously strive to: 

  • provide nutritious meals and promote health and well-being whilst using quality, fresh ingredients in line with school meals legislation namely Healthy Eating in Schools Nutritional Standards and Requirements (Wales) Regulations 2013
  • develop positive relationships with all suppliers
  • look after the environment and natural resources whilst minimising waste
  • adopt sustainable and ethical procurement policies in food procurement including Organic and Fair Trade produce where appropriate
  • work closely with our first and second tier supply chain to source as much local and regional produce as possible and to also monitor the quality and nutritional content of their ingredients used in our recipes
  • not knowingly use food containing Genetically Modified Ingredients
  • purchase Free Range Eggs
  • adapt our menus to allow for seasonal fruit and vegetables as well as fresh Welsh meat products. 

Food safety is also high on our agenda and it is our responsibility to provide due diligence for the food that we buy; all of our suppliers have to meet certain standards of quality before being considered as suitable providers to ensure full traceability for all products supplied. 

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