Empty properties

Page updated on: 26/09/2018

If you own a property which is currently empty and you’re not sure what to do with it, then we can help. You can sell your property through a local estate agent or at auction, which is often quicker. Auctioneers are quick and decisive, with a binding contract on the fall of the hammer and completion usually within 28 days. We can refer you to a local auctioneer and you’ll benefit from a reduced fee.

If you would prefer to keep the property but it needs renovating. We can advise you free of charge on the level of the works needed and provide details of suitable builders. We can give you information on methods to raise finance to undertake the work, including equity release schemes, financial assistance and any potential tax implications. You may be eligible for a houses into homes loan to bring the property back into use for sale or rent.

If the property is in a good, well-maintained condition, you could be generating an income by renting it out. Your tenant becomes responsible for paying Council Tax, saving you potentially thousands of pounds year on year. If your home is let, it is less likely to fall into unoccupied disrepair or be a target of vandalism.

We run a Social Lettings Agency called Simple Lettings. Where we act as your agent, letting and managing the property for you, at a competitive management fee. We can even undertake improvement work on your property to get it ready for letting. We can also provide guidance on managing the property yourself.

If you'd like to discuss how we can help you get your empty property back into use give us a call on 01554 899389.