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Page updated on: 15/12/2020

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Please remember to save your application frequently to avoid losing any information.

If you have forgotten your details since registering you can click on the 'Forgotten your details?' link in the 'Your Account' box in the left-hand panel beneath our logo.

This will send a reminder email to you of your username or send you a temporary password.

If your account is frozen, please wait 30 minutes.  After that period you will be able to attempt to log in again.

Your password and username are case sensitive and your password must be a minimum of 8 characters long, with a mix of uppercase, lowercase and at least 1 number.

If you're still experiencing problems, you might need to reset your login details.  Alternatively, you can contact and we will be able to reset your password during normal office hours.

We have been notified that some email accounts are having issues receiving our emails. Please check your Junk/Spam email folder and unblock any emails you've received from the following email accounts:

Certain posts in the council are ‘politically restricted’ which means that staff employed in these posts may not undertake political activities. Not all posts within the Council are politically restricted.

This policy stems from the long established tradition that local government employees should be seen to observe a policy of political neutrality and to ensure that the public can rely on impartial advice from those employees.

This policy is designed to reflect current legislative provisions in respect of politically restricted posts and is non-contractual.

Some users, in particular those using Samsung hardware have experienced problems accessing our 'Search Job Vacancies' page.  A warning message appears informing the user that the web page security certificate is invalid.  Please proceed through this message. The page is secure.

Unfortunately this is a device issue due to Google not updating the certificate store in Android correctly. We are working on getting the appropriate level of security certification on this page. 

In the meantime, please download QuoVadis Root CA2 and QuoVadis Global SSL ICA G2 certificates onto your device.

The language settings in your browser maybe set to English US.  If you amend this language setting to English (United Kingdom) [en-GB], save and then close the browser and re-open it and the dates should format correctly.

The following forms do not retain the information you recorded in previous applications as you may need to tailor it to meet the requirements of each vacancy you apply for:

  • References
  • Language Skills
  • Rehabilitation of Offenders
  • Supporting Statement
  • Declaration / Confirmation of Details

The qualifications including grade/level field will only accept up to 30 characters (no special characters).  Please use meaningful abbreviations if necessary.

We suggest recording each qualification separately.

Please note: These details will only need to be entered once and the system will retain them for all future applications. If you feel you need to explain your abbreviations, please include this in your supporting statement.

Please do not send in your CV instead of an application form, as it will not be put forward for assessment.  Also, please do not attach your CV to the application form as our assessment is based on the information provided in your application form only.  This means we can assess your skills, etc. against another applicant’s in a fair and consistent way.

Please indicate what language skills you have.  It is important that you indicate the level of fluency you have attained.  Please refer to the person specification to find out what level of fluency is required and use the following for guidance in assessing your own skills.


Listening / Speaking

  • Able to pronounce place names and personal names correctly.
  • Able to greet customers at reception or on the phone.
  • Able to open and close a conversation.


  • Able to understand short text about a familiar topic when it is communicated in plain language, e.g. basic signs, simple instructions, includes agendas.


  • Able to write personal names, place names, job titles and names of council departments.


Listening / Speaking

  • Able to understand the core conversation.
  • Able to receive and understand simple messages on normal patterns, e.g. time and place of a meeting, request to talk with someone.
  • Able to convey basic information and simple instructions.
  • Able to open and close conversations and meetings bilingually.


  • Able to understand most short reports and instructions within the expertise of work, if there is sufficient time allowed.


  • Able to produce a simple short message on paper or email for a colleague within the Council or a familiar colleague outside the Council.


Listening / Speaking

  • Able to understand and participate in most normal day-to-day conversations in the office.
  • Able to offer advice to the general public on issues relating to the post. Referring to specialised or technical terms in English.
  • Able to contribute to a meeting or a presentation on general issues relating to the post; referring to specialised or technical terms in English.


  • Able to understand most of the reports, documents and correspondence that would be expected to be discussed in the normal course of work.


  • Able to prepare informal messages and reports for internal use.


Listening / Speaking

  • Able to contribute effectively in internal and external meetings in the context of the work subject.
  • Able to understand differences in tone and dialect.
  • Able to argue for and against a particular case.
  • Able to chair meetings and answer questions confidently.


  • Able to understand formal correspondence and reports.


  • Able to produce business correspondence, short reports, e-mails and promotional literature with editing assistance.


Listening / Speaking

  • Able to contribute fluently and confidently with regard to all aspects of daily work, including negotiating and advising on technical, specialised or sensitive areas.
  • Can contribute to meetings and provide presentations fluently and confidently.


  • Able to understand reports, documents and articles linked to the normal course of work, including complex concepts expressed in convoluted language.


  • Able to produce business correspondence, short reports, e-mails and promotional literature to an acceptable level with the aid of standard language tools.
  • Able to draw up detailed notes while taking a full part in the meeting.

We are encouraging everyone to apply online.  Applications will be accepted in other formats where an applicant has difficulty completing the online form as a result of disability, in those exceptional circumstances, we will make alternative arrangements to support you in the process. Please e-mail:

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