Page updated on: 26/11/2019

No. You do not get paid as your placement is aimed at giving you experience of the world of work and allowing you to sample as wide a range of tasks as possible under the supervision of experienced staff.

This is down to the arrangement between you and the manager of the area you will be working in.

  • Short term placements last for up to 30 days.
  • Long term placements can be between 3 and 6 months depending on the training scheme supporting the placement.

This is for you and the Work Skills Support Officer (Catherine Harris: 01267 246779) to discuss and arrange.

No. You will be expected to provide your own lunch. The facilities depend on where you work. Some work places have a canteen, a microwave or drinks machine. Some have shops nearby and others will require you to bring a packed lunch.

Your dress and appearance must be appropriate to the nature of the work. This will be confirmed on the letter you will receive if you are successful with your request.

If personal protective clothing is required for your placement, this will be discussed with you before you start. You must wear any personal protective clothing you are given (e.g., hard hat, goggles, high visibility jacket etc.).

Contact your supervisor (and your school if you are at school) by 9:00am to inform them that you will not be attending for the day.

Phone number and supervisor’s details will be on the confirmation letter.

If you are running late, please contact your supervisor. Their details can be found on your confirmation letter.

Yes, you can bring you mobile to work but you can only use it during your break or in an emergency.

In the event of an accident you must inform your supervisor, who will then record it on our accident reporting system.

Ask about the career opportunities within the area of work you are interested in. Remember to be enthusiastic, interested and ask lots of questions. If you don’t understand the task you have been given, ask for the task to be explained to you again.

We have a no smoking policy. If you wish to smoke you must leave the site.

During your placement it is important to work together and communicate effectively. If you have an issue while you are on placement, you will need to let your supervisor and Work Skills Support Officer (Catherine Harris: 01267 246779) know straight away so that we can help.

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