Local Development Plan 2018 - 2033

Local planning policies in Wales are set by the local planning authorities which in Wales are the 22 unitary authorities and the three National Park Authorities.  A local planning authority (LPA) has the legal authority to carry out local planning functions, including developing local planning and land use policies and determining planning applications. Local planning policies are set out in the Local Development Plan.

A Local Development Plan (LDP) sets out proposals and policies for the future use of all local land, and is the main development plan document in Wales. The LDP covers a period of fifteen years and should reflect national planning policy in Wales.

At our council meeting on the 10th of January 2018 we resolved to prepare a revised LDP for Carmarthenshire. Once adopted (completed) the revised LDP will be used as the basis for deciding on planning applications.  The preparatory process for an LDP is expected to be completed in approximately four years, with some of the key stages highlighted below.

LDPs are prepared in the following stages:

Page updated on: 22/05/2018