Use your black box to recycle all glass bottles and jars. This includes:

  • Glass bottles, such as those used for beer, wine and soft drinks
  • Glass jars, such as those used for baby food and sauces
  • Non-food and drink glass bottles and jars, such as those used for perfume, aftershave and face creams

No thank you:

  • Ceramics or china
  • Drinking glasses
  • Flat glass, such as windowpanes
  • Mirrors
  • Light bulbs
  • Glass cookware, such as Pyrex
  • Microwave plates
  • Vases
  • Nail varnish bottles
  • Broken glass

If you need to get rid of these items, either take them to your nearest recycling centre to be recycled, or wrap them safely in old newspaper or kitchen roll, or double-bag them (to ensure crews aren’t harmed when collecting them), then place them in your black bag.