Specialist provision

Page updated on: 26/08/2021

We are highly committed to inclusion and to educating as many of our children and young people within their local communities as possible. 

Whilst most of our learners’ needs can be met in our mainstream schools, a range of special schools and specialist provision has been developed to educate learners with additional learning needs, social, emotional and behaviour development and physical needs. We also have units for observation and assessment, communication and interaction and sensory needs where this proves challenging in mainstream classes.  In keeping with the commitment to inclusion, most of these settings are attached to mainstream schools. 

If it has been suggested by a professional that a learner needs to attend a specialist setting and you wish to discuss this further and arrange a visit please email ALNQueries@carmarthenshire.gov.uk.

A short term placement for children aged 3-7 years (Foundation Phase) with general or specific developmental delay, undergoing assessment.

For children whose speech, language and communication needs require a specialist setting; children have access to mainstream experiences and opportunities in the host school.

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