School budgets

Page updated on: 17/11/2023

Welsh Government Regulations require each Local Education Authority (LEA) to publish annually Section 52 Statements indicating:

  • the level of resources (including grants) made available to schools during the financial year
  • how much the schools have spent
  • the level of income (including grants) schools have attracted
  • the level of balances carried forward from one financial period to the next.

The statements are submitted to Welsh Government and copies are distributed to every school within the LEA as well as being made available in main libraries.

Section 52 Planned Budget Statements

Contain details of the budget allocations for all schools within the Local Authority, along with the information showing how these allocations are calculated.

Section 52 Outturn Statements

Contain details of the expenditure and income of all schools within the Local Authority, including balances brought forward from the previous financial year and balances carried forward to the next financial year.

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