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The proper handling of personal information by Carmarthenshire County Council is very important to the delivery of our services and maintaining public confidence.

Personal data is any information that relates to a person who can be directly or indirectly identified from the information. The terms ‘information’ and ‘personal data’ are used throughout this privacy notice and have the same meaning.

To ensure that the Council treats personal information correctly, we seek to adhere in full to the requirements of Data Protection legislation.

This privacy notice has therefore been produced to explain as clearly as possible what we do with your personal data.

1. The purpose for which we use your personal data

The information the Centre collects about you and your child will be used for the purposes of:

  • Taking group bookings and arranging accommodation at the Centre
  • Exercising our duty of care to look after the children and young people who attend the Centre
  • Taking photographs and using them for social media, websites and promotional material

The legal basis we rely on to process personal data for these purposes is that we are exercising our official authority to run recreational facilities under the Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 and the Local Government Act 1972.  This means that we don’t rely on your consent to use personal data.

2. What type of information do we use?

We ask you to fill in a form when your child attends the Centre and we collect the following types of personal data to deliver this service:

  • Your name
  • Your child’s name
  • Your home address
  • Your child’s date of birth
  • Gender
  • The school your child attends
  • Contact telephone number
  • Your email address
  • Your Doctor’s details

We take photographs and video recordings of children taking part in activities which are mainly published on social media platforms.  These may also be used in print and digital media formats including print publications, websites, e-marketing, posters, banners and advertising.

We also collect and use relevant information about your child’s health, such as their dietary needs, allergies, health conditions and medication they are taking, which we need to keep them safe while they are staying at the Centre.

The legal basis for processing personal data about children’s health is that it is clearly in the public interest to do so, in order to look after them.

3. Do we use information received from other sources?

To provide this service, we collect information directly from you on a form but we may also receive information from your child’s school.

The following types of personal data are usually obtained:

  • Name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Care plans relating to specific health needs which the school has been involved in creating or implementing

4. Transferring your information abroad

We use Microsoft Office 365 to process our electronic documents under the terms of a strict agreement, which safeguards your information. This personal data is hosted on servers outside the UK, but only in EU countries which are subject to the General Data Protection Regulation.

The personal data collected will not be transferred outside the United Kingdom, with the exception of photographs and video uploaded on to social media platforms and websites, which are accessible across the world.

5. Who has access to your information?

The personal data you provide us will not normally be shared with any other service within Carmarthenshire County Council, or with any third party outside the organisation. However, the Centre does share information with the following:

  • In the event of an accident or incident, we are required to report these to the Council’s Occupational Health & Safety unit.
  • Photographs and images may also be shared with local and regional media contacts.

There are other specific situations where we may be required to disclose information about you, such as:

  • Where the Council is required to provide the information by law
  • Where disclosing the information is required to prevent or detect a crime
  • Where disclosure is in the vital interests of the person concerned

6. How long we will keep your information

We keep the personal data we collect for as long as your child is attending the Centre.  We then destroy the information securely.

However, images taken at the Centre may be kept indefinitely as an archive.

Records of accident reports relating to children are kept by our Occupational Health & Safety unit for 25 years.

7. Your Data Protection rights

You have the right to:

  • Obtain access to the personal data that Carmarthenshire Council is processing about you
  • Have any inaccurate or incomplete information rectified (corrected)
  • Withdraw your consent to processing, where this is the only basis for the processing
  • Make a complaint to the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), the independent body in the UK which protects information rights

In some circumstances, you may have the right to:

  • Object to the processing of your personal information
  • The erasure of your personal data
  • Restrict the processing of your personal information
  • Data portability

8. Contact details

For more information regarding this privacy notice and your rights, please contact:

Data Protection Officer
Carmarthenshire County Council
County Hall
SA31 1JP


Contact details for the Information Commissioner’s Office along with further guidance on Data Protection legislation can be found on the ICO website .

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