Digital Schools Strategy 2018 – 2021

Carmarthenshire’s ICT Services Division provides extensive support and services to all schools across the Authority. This will be the 1st ever Digital Schools Strategy for Carmarthenshire that sets out our vision, underpinned by overarching principles and key priorities areas for the provision of ICT Services to Schools.

The schools’ use of technology promotes innovative learning by digitally confident students, inspired by skilled and creative teaching. Welsh Government’s Digital Competence Framework is distinct from ICT. Digital competence is one of three cross-curricular responsibilities, alongside literacy and numeracy; it focuses on developing digital skills which can be applied to a wide range of subjects and scenarios that are transferrable to the world of work.

This fully costed and resourced three year Digital Schools Strategy outlines where we intend to take the ICT provision within schools over the coming years, to ensure that schools have the appropriate technology to deliver the Digital Competence Framework. The audience for this Digital Schools Strategy are our schools, teachers and staff, elected members and the leadership of the Authority.


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