Council Tax premiums for long-term empty properties and second homes

Page updated on: 13/02/2024

A premium charge is an additional amount of council tax to be paid on top of the normal council tax bill.

Since 1 April, 2017, local authorities in Wales have been able to apply a premium charge on long-term empty dwellings and unoccupied furnished dwellings (more commonly referred to as second homes) in their areas. 

The ability to charge a premium came about because of an amendment to the Housing (Wales) Act 2014

Carmarthenshire County Council had to enter a consultation process prior to the decision to introduce a premium charge. The Council Meeting on 8 March, 2023 approved its introduction.

In this meeting it was decided that long-term empty properties and second homes in Carmarthenshire will be subject to a Council Tax premium from 1 April, 2024. 

Please note that the discretion given to Local Authorities in Wales to charge a premium, is intended to be a tool to help Councils to:

  • bring long-term empty homes back into use to provide safe, secure, and affordable homes.
  • support Councils in increasing the supply of affordable housing and enhancing the sustainability of local communities.


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