Penalty Charge Notices (PCN)

Page updated on: 02/08/2022

Our Civil Enforcement Officers issue Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) to vehicles contravening the parking restrictions for on and off street parking, which includes car parks.

Carmarthenshire is a Special Enforcement Area in accordance with Schedule 10 of the Traffic Management Act 2008. We published the enforcement powers in the local newspapers during the first week of March 2015. 

Penalty charge notices will be issued for the following:

  • Code 26 – Parked more than 50 cm from the edge of the carriageway and not within a designated parking place.
  • Code 27 – Parked adjacent to a footway, cycle track or verge lowered to meet the level of the carriageway.
  • Code 141 - detected by the CCTV cameras illegally using a bus lane during its period of operation.

We are not required to provide any signs or markings. The enforcement powers seek to prevent “inconsiderate” parking and parking fines will be issued for all of the above.  Dropped kerbs are usually located at crossovers into private property and crossing points for vulnerable road users, cycle tracks and verges.

Our team ensures the free flow of traffic and encourages compliance with parking restrictions, making it safer for pedestrians and easier for public transport. Help to keep our roads flowing and safe for everyone to use - think before you park your car!

Vehicles found to be parked illegally will be issued with a fine (Penalty Charge Notice) of £50 or £70 depending on the circumstances. This is reduced by 50% if the penalty is paid within 14 days, or increased by 50% if the penalty is outstanding after the 28-day payment period.

If you receive a penalty charge notice you can pay it or challenge the notice.

Paying your parking fine

Payment must be received within 28 days of the date of issue. If payment is received within 14 days of the date of issue, the reduced charge shown on your penalty charge notice will be accepted as settlement. Please check your penalty charge notice for full details.

To pay your parking fine you will need:

  • penalty charge number
  • vehicle registration number.

Challenging your parking fine

If you wish to challenge the penalty notice you will need:

  • penalty charge number,
  • vehicle registration
  • your address

Our parking enforcement policy explains our approach to challenges. All cases will be considered on their individual circumstances. If you challenge this PCN within 14 days and the challenge is rejected the council will usually re-offer the 14-day discount period.

If the penalty charge is not paid on or before the end of the 28-day period as specified on the front of this notice or successfully challenged, the Council may serve a Notice to Owner on the owner of the vehicle requiring payment of the penalty charge.

The owner can then make representations To the Council and may appeal to an independent adjudicator if those representations are rejected. The Notice to Owner will contain instructions for doing this. If you challenge this Penalty Charge Notice but the Council issues a Notice to Owner anyway, the owner must follow the instructions on the Notice to Owner.

Pay a parking fine Challenge a parking fine

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