Report defective road marking / sign

Page updated on: 23/02/2024

Road markings and signs can become worn and faded over time by movement of traffic and severe weather.

We are responsible for the maintenance of road markings and lines including:

  • Double yellow lines
  • Road markings
  • Road junction lines
  • Cats eyes
  • Road signs

Please let us know if any road markings/signs are:

  • Damaged
  • Faded
  • Missing
  • Pointing the wrong way
  • Obstructed
  • Needs cleaning
  • Light on sign isn't working
  • Exposed wiring
  • Request a new sign or markings

To report, the following information would be extremely useful:

  • Area Location - street name/address/landmark and use the map to locate or describe where it is exactly
  • Location - is it in the middle of the road or near/on the kerb and which side of the road
  • Type of markings/sign - provide detailed description of markings/sign and the issue
  • Photo - you can take a photo on your smartphone where it is safe to do so and upload it

Report defective road marking / sign

To report an emergency, please contact us during office hours on 01267 234567 or outside normal office hours on 0300 333 2222. During severe weather, you may have to hold the line for an operator. Incidents will be dealt with in priority order.

Please note: Issues reported outside of office hours will be reviewed the next working day, subject to available resources.

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