Ysgol Rhys Prichard
Ysgol Rhys Prichard, Cilycwm Road, Llandovery, SA20 0DY

Project Overview

The Community Hub grant is a new initiative by Welsh Government which was launched in 2019.   The primary purpose of the community hub grant is to use capital investment to facilitate the community use of educational assets.  The grant can be used to adapt assets for wider community use, provide specialist facilities to widen the potential use of the asset in question or create a fit for purpose space for the community.

Following a successful application for funding, Welsh Government awarded additional community grant funding of £350k to the Ysgol Rhys Prichard Modernising Education school project.

The Community Hub grant has provided a leisure facility utilising 3 rooms integrated into the new school building to work alongside the existing swimming pool which is located adjacent to the school, providing an excellent leisure facility for the community of Llandovery.

Project cost

A £350k community hub grant from Welsh Government was secured to provide a Leisure facility integrated into the new school building.


Lloyd & Gravell Ltd

Occupation Date

May 2021

Education & Schools